Mahou Shoujo World is an ongoing online comic aka graphic novel. Coming out of age story, Magical girl and boy inspired adventure about dealing with daily life struggles as an adult and saving the world at the same time. Although being magical warrior for justice is not as easy as you could think, pain and suffering is real and world sometimes can be cruel place. How do you save others when you can’t even look after yourself and what if bad guys are not actually bad?

Exi is not having best of days, problem with a job, money, bills and relationship, it seems like the whole world is against him and on top of that he finds himself in life or death situation. This very moment will change his life forever and nothing will be the same…

Mahou Shoujo World is an online graphic novel suitable for older teen/mature audience and not suitable for children. Story contains fantasy violence, sensitive subjects, curse words, sex, gay love and NSFW material.

The comic does not have update schedule. Pages will be posted randomly but as soon as possible.