Mahou Shoujo World Page 11

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And we are back to Exi.

Uff… That was close, Exi was almost hit by a car. Thankfully he reacted in time to avoid massive accident. Exi’s misfortune seams to be keep growing. So far, he is late to work, he will probably loose his job, he knows that his boyfriend is cheating on him, got his morning coffee spilled all over himself and now the car. What else can happen to a poor boy you ask? Well, just wait and see. I have a feeling there is more coming :)

Mahou Shoujo World Page 9


That is life of a Magical Girl, after defeating one enemy new dangerous enemy always appears straight after and sometimes all you want is a little break. Maybe Beauty, Sing and Cupcake will get a chance to rest soon but who is Emperor Celest ? Beauty seem to be very suspicious of her and not very trusty. I wonder what’s her problem. Thank you for your patience and keep reading to find out more my mahou shojo and shounen warriors.

Mahou Shoujo World Page 7


Hey, can you spot hidden message? That's right; it's on a chalk board in the first panel of the page.

‘Dear Mahou Shoujo and Shounen Warriors, support Mahou Shoujo World and occasionally please buys us coffee’ – Maciej Zieba

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By the way is Exi going to be hit by the car?! What the…, didn’t story just started ?! Muhahaha…